Vivint Calgary Launches Home Automation Site

Explains the Value and Best Practices of Home Automation in Calgary

CALGARY, AB – November 6, 2015 – Vivint Calgary, a provider of smart home solutions in Calgary, announced today that it has launched a new Website,, which offers in-depth explanations and videos about home automation.  Home automation enables homeowners to control locks, HVAC, appliances and other automated aspects of a home remotely with mobile technologies such as Android apps.

“Home automation makes your life easier, but there’s more to it than that,” said Timothy McMullin of Vivint Calgary. “Home automation can enhance your safety, giving you the ability to check door locks when you’re a hundred miles away.  Plus, it can save you money with lower utility bills.” 

With home automation, all of a home’s electrical devices connect to an automated central control system. An offshoot of the commercial “Building Automation” that is used to manage large properties with remote controls, home automation gives similar capabilities to a residence.  Creating a “smart home,” an app-powered home automation system gives anyone with a mobile device the ability to lock and unlock doors, check on door and window lock statuses, turn appliances such as televisions on and off, set temperature levels and more from a distance. 

In some cases, the app will use a devices Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to activate automated mechanisms that are close by.  This capability saves time in looking for keys in cold weather, for example.  NFC home automation devices enhance security. 

One of the major benefits of home automation is increased awareness of the state of a property when the owner is away.  Systems that enable smart home automation in Calgary typically power multiple remote video cameras (IP cameras) that can be viewed at anytime over the mobile device.  The homeowner can check the property for vandalism or suspicious activity from afar.  Home automation also helps save money on utilities by allowing the homeowner to switch off appliance when he or she is away.

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