Bubba Kids is the newly launched unique YouTube channel dedicated to kids

The newly launched YouTube channel Bubba Kids will provide a whole new learning and entertainment experience to the small kids. Although there are many YouTube videos meant for kids entertainment, but Bubba kids looked at the room for improvement in them and came up with a better way of entertainment for kids.

It becomes often difficult for parents to find the right entertainment show for their kids as there aren’t many shows which are aimed directly at kids, especially that who’re aged from 1 to 3 years and that is why Bubba Kids is created.

The channel will showcase 3D animated nursery rhymes and children songs which will not only be fun to watch but also provide experiential learning to the kids. Each two minute song or episode will be based on a different topic or lesson such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth, exercising daily, eating healthy, and valuing equality, being patients and much more.

Bubba Kids claims to be different from others in terms of the cast. It will be made up of 9 diverse children and one imaginary friend. One of the children in this cast uses a wheelchair and he is portrayed as a strong, courageous child. This is done to encourage all kinds of children regardless of their circumstances. 

“I have scoured YouTube and Google and I could not understand why a character like this has not been introduced to the world before. If anything it will empower children from all walks of life and will further catalyze inclusion.” says Waseem, the founder of Bubba Kids

To make this project execute successfully, Waseem has also started a crowd funding campaign on Gofundme with a goal of raising £5000 which will be utilized in initial production, marketing and distribution of the Bubba songs.

At first, he plans to launch thirty videos, each of two minutes length and a sixty minute compilation which will mainly based on the traditional rhymes and after which, the channel will move to the educational songs.

Bubba kids also aim to contribute in organizations such as ‘Make a wish’, a charity organization for kids.

The success of the Gofundme campaign will ensure that Bubba kids reaches to thousands of families and provide a new way of entertainment to kids.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bubba Kids
Contact Person: Waseem Rahman
Email: hello@bubbakids.com
Phone: 07506 625242
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.facebook.com/bubbakidstv