Premium Domain Names for Sale: Strategy Revealed

With premium domain names becoming scarce, one question that domain buyers usually think is “Where to get premium domains for cheap?”. has now come up with a solution to find valuable domain names for low cost. 

There are many domain name selling sites like Flippa, Sedo etc but people look for cheaper options. The domains listed at domain auction websites are very high in prices and the bidding on those pricing makes them more out of reach. Therefore people seek out Flippa alternatives and Sedo alternatives to find a cheaper marketplace to buy premium domain names.

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Within all other top level domain extensions “.com” domains are the most preferred. However, most of the good “.com” domain names have already been purchased and there are very few options left now. The era of one word “.com” domain names is very much competitive now as one word domain names for sale are very few in number. To buy single word domain names, options are decreasing day by day as the brands are becoming more conscious of short domain names for their

The domain name auction sites like Flippa and Sedo are good places to start with, however the short and catchy domain names listed there are usually in 5 figure range. Mostly people think of short domain as good domain name because people can easily remember them and can also type in their browser. To buy and sell domain names, there are also private parties which take only a selected list of best domain names and then they sell these domains to selected list of buyers.

Usually small businesses do not pay attention to short domain names while buying domain names but they realize its importance when their business grows. It is human tendency to forget things which are complex, hence the relevance of short domain name increases as it helps to expand brand awareness.

Within premium domain names, there are two broad categories. First is the “keyword rich domains” and second is the “branded domain names”. The keyword rich domain names tell about the general purpose of that website and they have good time in ranking high in search engines. One example of such domain is as it reveals by the name that this site promotes a dentist in Florida region. Branded domain names are names which usually have no meaning but are attractive. One example of such domain is as it is easier to pronounce but “bitly” as such has no meaning.

To search for premium domains, there are some domain name suggestion tools out there but they usually give out weird names. Other option which people adopt when their preferred “.com” is not available is to use number or hyphen. However, they forget that putting a single number or hyphen makes the domain name from user friendly to a complex one. There are ways to negotiate with the current domain name holder to buy back from him the desired domain name if he agrees to sell it.

Adding extra words to domain name creates pressure on the end user who is going to visit that site. There are many other top level domain extensions available apart from “.com” like “.net”, “.org”, “.ws”, “.us”, “.info” etc but still “.com” holds a professional reputation. It is because of the clout of “.com” domains that when it comes to premium domain names, one inherently talks about “.com” domains only.

With the price of premium domain names ever increasing, it is best suited to grab such domains as soon as possible. Domains are virtual property of the web and hence there are also domain investors who maintain big portfolio of such domains which they consider as premium. One can also recoup the costs of buying premium domains by selling it in future.

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About CozyDomains: selects only a handful of premium domain names for sale at low prices. These domains are priced much below the market price based on selling history of similar domain names. The portfolio also occasionally lists one word “.com” domain names for cheap price.

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