Pickweddingdresses Sponsors a Mass Wedding of One hundred Couples

A mass wedding for one hundred couples is held with the sponsorship of Pickweddingdresses. All the wedding gowns are provided by Pickweddingdresses.

All the people have attended weddings and know exactly how the wedding go. But what about a mass wedding of hundreds of people? Almost no one has been imagined that. No one imagines that come to a wedding ceremony held for one hundred couples, let alone being one of these people who marry together with others. But Pickweddingdresses, along with some other companies, makes it real to common people.

All the wedding gowns the brides wear are offered by Pickweddingdresses. These wedding dresses are all carefully selected from the collection of Wedding Dresses NZ. Pickweddingdresses totally brings about 200 finely-produced wedding gowns to the wedding venue. These wedding dresses are in different styles but still have something in common to make the wedding perfect. Different silhouettes including mermaid princess and A-line, various necklines such as sweetheart halter and off-the-shoulder and diverse details like open back, lace applique and sashes are all for the brides’ selection. In order to avoid unsuitable costume, Pickweddingdresses provides some wedding dresses without trains for couples who comes to this wedding for their vow renewal. To keep everything in order, Pickweddingdresses also supplies maternity wedding dresses.

Everything seems normal and goes well in the mass wedding ceremony. Every one including the couples and the guests smiles and enjoys every minute there. But latter someone finds something unusual. There is an old couple who might be about 70 years old. The host comes to the old bridegroom to ask him something about this wedding. The old man Andrew grabs her wife’s hand firmly and said, “First, I want to declare, this is our first and also last wedding. May and I have been married for 50 years, but I still owe her a ceremony. Thanks to this unique wedding, we have no regrets now.”

In fact, this mass wedding is not only special but economical. All the wedding decorations are prepared by Pickedweddingdresses and other sponsors. These newly married couples do not have to pay a coin for that. And the brides do not even worry about their wedding gowns because Pickedweddingdresses has prepared enough selection for them. Besides these free wedding necessities, Pickedweddingdresses offers special gifts for these couples. One of these gifts is the most expensive and beautiful dress from the Bridesmaid Dresses NZ collection. All these gifts will be achieved by these couples by finishing tasks in the wedding. 

This mass wedding is really memorable, especially the part that the old couple comes to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. However, such amazing activities will never end. Pickweddingdresses will surely bring more and more surprises to all the people. 

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