Color Pencils now matter Much More than Just Painting

7th November, 2015: Coloring is an amazing activity which adults don’t mind participating in with their kids. Evidently, their familiarity with colors, color pencils and coloring is old time and that is what attracts grownups, as much as the kids. Interestingly, color pencils have suddenly become quite important for adults and not just artists. People now love the company of these color pencils for a range of other reasons like – stress relief, creativity exploration and more personal gratification aspects! This change has been pioneered by an agency called Colowlful – which manufactures special and purposeful color pencils!

Following a popular belief that ‘Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer’ the creative stalwarts behind Colowlful recently announced their Eco Friendly Quality Artist Colored Pencils Set which is ideal for Drawing, Shading, Kids, Classroom, Adult Coloring and Sketching Books. This set comes in an ecofriendly box and is Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, and above all animal Cruelty Free.

A wonderful addition for the beginner artist to the more serious coloring in fanatic, young and old alike, these high quality, long lasting pencils are crafted in natural wood and come in an assortment of 24 vibrant colors. The pencils are manufactured such a way that the color core resist breakage whilst the soft lead makes for easy clean sharpening. Offering a very comfortable grip, the pencils are ideal for drawing, sketching, blending and shading.

When asked about the product, Throwing more light on the growing mass interest in colored pencils and adult coloring books, Colowful’s Executive Director said, “I think we are living in a time where concept matters a lot more than the actual products. Additionally, it is far more important that the products add value to people’s lives. From both these perspectives, our product – the specially designed and meticulously developed ecofriendly color pencils – has proven its worth!”

“On one hand, these color pencils help men and women to tap their innovativeness or make their inventive juices flow and on the other, they help facilitate them to recover and appease the tiresome moments of life. We are really happy to see that more and more people are inclining towards these pencils and are using them in their own way!” he/she added further.

Colowlful has re-incited people’s curiosity towards drawing and sketching in a fresh way. However, this is an indirect influence of the pencils because the pencils shaded with diversity have been purposefully developed as a source of happiness!

For more information about Colowlful or any queries regarding this ecofriendly set, please feel free to contact Carol Momberg at .Moreover, anyone who is interested can visit their website for free downloadable coloring prints and get creative.

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