iBreathe is about to reach its fund raising goal on Indiegogo, within a short period of its launch

The newly launched product iBreathe allows the user to breathe in fresh and clean air anytime and anywhere, also allows checking the air quality in the surrounding area. The company also started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $15000 out of which approximately $11,500 has already been accomplished.

iBreathe is the world’s first air purifier and air quality tracker which helps in getting fresh air anytime and anywhere. The compact sized device comes with a mobile application as well which is compatible with both iOS and android phones. The convenient interface of the app helps the user in viewing the air quality around them in the form of percentage. The app, compatible with apple watch, also provides instant recommendations to improve health.

Considering the increasing amount of toxic gases and pollution increasing in their air and the diseases which are caused due to it such as asthma, breathing problems, allergies and others, iBreathe has been created. It utilizes the unique and innovative anion technology which ensures the air is purified to the best to provide healthy breathing. The small and sleek design allows the device to be carried around anywhere including office, gym, buses, trains and other places.

Based on CDC reports in U.S.A “one in 12 peoples suffer from asthma” ( approximately 25 million people)” and this number are increasing due to progressive degradation in air quality.

 The iBreathe technology is created to destroy viruses, bacteria, odor and allergens in the most efficient way to clean the air surrounding it.  To have clean air anytime, anywhere the user just needs to keep this device around .

Within a short period of time, iBreathe purifies the air by neutralizing the charged ions in the air. The negative ions created by the device are distributed in the air neutralize the polluted particles in air and clean the air surrounding it.

These negative ions are found in abundance in places close to nature such as beaches, waterfalls and they help in increasing the serotonin levels in the body, resulting in enhanced mood, relieved stress and better energy levels.

Looking at the response the Indiegogo campaign has received, it is expected that the product is ready to take the market by storm and be popular among the masses. The success of the campaign will ensure successful distribution and marketing of the product. The backers also have a chance to own iBreathe at an early bird price of $79 through this campaign.

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