Ridgecrest Elementary Goes All Out to Keep Drugs Away from Their School and their Students

This week is Red Ribbon week at many schools around the Salt Lake valley. This is the special time set aside each year where schools focus extra time on educating their students about the perils of drug use. Schools work to ingrain skills and to give their students extra strategies on how to say no to drugs for life.

One school, Ridgecrest Elementary, and its principal Julie Winfree, have gone the extra mile to really drive the anti-drug message home in a big way. Principal Winfree and the Ridgecrest staff brought in some extra special help to make this year’s training one for the books.

This year “Team Ridgecrest” brought in Utah’s Leading Safety Expert, Brett Lechtenberg, to deliver his unique brand of anti-drug training. Mr. Lechtenberg spent two full days training the first through fifth grades on how to properly and effectively deal with drugs if they are found by the students or if they are confronted by someone trying to get them to take drugs.

Brett is the owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy and is the best-selling author of such books as The Anti-Bully Program and The Anti Cyber Bully Program.  Brett has trained children and school staff not only in the state of Utah but also in Arizona, Alabama, Washington and others.

The main types of drugs talked about were tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication. Although other drugs were discussed, the types of drugs mentioned above are those most commonly encountered by grade school children.

Principal Winfree was quoted as saying, “We appreciated the opportunity to have Mr. Lechtenberg work with our students and role play real life scenarios when confronted with decisions about drugs.  Mr. Lechtenberg commanded respect from the students and kept them thoroughly engaged.  We feel grateful for his support in furthering our school’s behavioral goals. We look forward to his return in November as he works with our students on the topic of bullying.”

Lechtenberg stated, “I was honored to work with Ridgecrest.  It is obvious that Mrs. Winfree really cares about her students and she was willing to dedicate the necessary time to truly educate her students about the topic. She did not make the mistake that most make and try to cram anti-drug and anti-bullying and other issues all into the same week. Mrs. Winfree did it right and scheduled the much needed special time to dedicate to each issue. I really commend her and her incredible team.”

Other fun anti-drug reminders were also happening at Ridgecrest over anti-drug week. The students got a visit from their Tiger mascot, took part in “wear red” day, backwards day, mustache day, and other activities that were cleverly tied to the important anti drug message.

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