She’s Fit To Lead ”It’s All Happening” Conference to Take Place in New York City, May 2016

FLORIDA – 11/7/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 2015 has been a big year for gender equality in the media. With the rise of UN Women’s HeForShe campaign and several high powered celebrities speaking out against gender inequality, young women all over America are seeking a new way to be empowered in their day to day lives. That’s where media movement She’s Fit To Lead comes in.

What is She’s Fit To Lead?
Founded by seasoned female professionals, Randi Salko and Lisa Taubes, She’s Fit To Lead (SFTL) is a web-based media company that networks confidence, leadership and life skills to millennial women aged 18-24.
In a recent interview about the inspiration for the organization, co-founder Randi Salko reflected on her own journey in leadership.

“I come from a very corporate background and over the years I have worked for multiple institutions in which I was one of the only women around. Through my experiences I noted that many women were never taught the skills to lead successfully.  So after many months of brainstorming, Lisa and I created SFTL- an online community that can help millennial women become as confident, prepared and knowledgeable as possible BEFORE they enter the workplace.”

Launched in July of 2015, She’s Fit To Lead harnesses the power of the internet and social media to promote positive, empowering content specially created by an internal team of millennials who are driving the SFTL brand as contributing writers, SFTL Ambassadors and FIT Leaders. With several thousand Facebook and Twitter followers and an emerging presence on major college campuses like Johns Hopkins, University of Miami and University of Michigan, the next phase in the SFTL movement is fast approaching. The “It’s All Happening” SFTL Conference will take place during May 2016 in New York City and promises to be a truly transformational event for the millennial attendees as well as the event sponsors.

She’s Fit To Lead “It’s All Happening” Conference May 21 2016 NYC
The She’s Fit to Lead, “It’s All Happening” Conference aims to unite their online community of millennial women in the real world.  The conference will feature enlightening and impactful talks by female leaders of industry, as well as Q&A sessions about topics that most interest the SFTL community such as fitness & nutrition, interviewing skills, career advice and inspiration, leadership skills and fashion.   Confirmed presenters include nationally recognized dietitian and founder of F-Factor, Tanya Zuckerbrot, Global Head of Human Resources and member of the Operating Committee of Apollo Management, Lisa Bernstein, and Executive Director of Recruitment and Development for CBS News, Alison Pepper, and Elisa Hallerman, J.D., M.A., PhDc and Founder and CEO of Recovery Management Agency and Former Partner at William Morris Endeavor. 

How can you get involved? 
At the It’s All Happening Conference, attendees  will interact with event sponsors and their brands in exclusive gifting suites, providing a unique opportunity to connect with this sought after generation and gain their brand-loyalty in a tangible, positive environment. She’s Fit to Lead has several levels of sponsorship opportunity available to brands and organizations who would like to be represented at the event. Aside from being an invaluable marketing opportunity, inclusion in the She’s Fit to Lead conference will help your company play a very real role in shaping the next generation of empowered female leaders.

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