Proper Detoxification and What That Means

We believe the support of family and friends during any drug or alcohol treatment program can be of major importance.
When a male or female addict is presented with the need for drug rehabilitation, their first fears may relate to going through the detox process.

In addition to no longer having the availability of their drug of choice to utilize as a crutch when facing their life challenges, there is fear surrounding the actual process of detoxification. Horror stories are well-known of the pain and discomfort that has accompanied withdrawals of chemicals from the body of an addict.

In reality, once the client has made the initial decision to begin the recovery process and to engage in a life that is free from the debilitating effects of drugs or alcohol, the trained experts can offer education on what the detox process involves and remove any myths or unfounded fears. The program of detoxification can be managed and kept under safe control. With a team of caring, compassionate and highly trained professionals to ensure that the client safely moves through this stage safely, the patient will experience the least amount of pain or discomfort. 

After a thorough physical evaluation to determine all chemical substances which may be in the recovering addict’s system, the treatment staff will then formulate a safe and efficient program of elimination. Not only will the recovery team let the patient know what to expect from the withdrawal process; they will be there for support and encouragement through to the end. With today’s medications available for an easier transition, the harmful drugs or alcohol are slowly allowed to leave the client’s system, while healthy and restorative supplements are offered to help the patient on their path to restoring a healthy body. 

Many patients wonder how long the detox treatment will take; will they be going through three or four days of extreme discomfort, or does the process take longer?  Depending on the age, body type and physical health of the patient, detox can take anywhere from two days to two weeks for completion.  During the evaluation process, the treatment professionals will learn which substances were being used, as well as the frequency of use. Both of these factors can have a direct impact on how long it will take to fully cleanse the physical body of the recovering patient.

We believe the support of family and friends during any drug or alcohol treatment program can be of major importance. For that reason, your family and close friends are welcomed to be with you during this first challenging step of detoxification. As an addict often suffers from feelings of alienation and lack of self-worth, the support of those that are important in his or her life can often be the factor that helps them continue this stage of renewal. 

The final stage of the cleansing process is moving into a reliable, professionally-staffed residential treatment facility. It is here that the addict will get the psycho-education, individual, family and group counseling assistance, behavioral modification techniques and other treatment modalities that can help them regain their physical and emotional footings. They are given the recovery tools to restore their health, along with skills for maintaining a state of sobriety in everyday life.

How Long Will the Detox Treatment Take?

Depending upon your age, body type, and physical health; detox can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Other factors that determine length of treatment are frequency of use and which substance was being used.

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