Five rings for Hamburg 2024 – Hamburg sets the tone for the Olympic Games

09 Nov, 2015 – The rings are the symbol of the Olympic Games – just like the Olympic flame. 17,000 Hamburg residents showed their enthusiasm for the 2024 Olympic Games today in the Stadtpark Hamburg by forming five huge interlinking rings in the Olympic colours, thereby creating a gigantic 300×300 metre picture that could even be detected by satellite. The event was honoured by Guiness World Records as the largest formation of human Olympic rings. Till  29 November, Hamburg’s citizens will vote in a referendum on Hamburg’s application for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In February 2015, numerous Hamburg residents already demonstrated how much they want the Olympic Games, when more than 20,000 people formed a sea of lights with countless torches in the rain around the Inner Alster Lake in the city centre. Hamburg’s locals have now expressed their Olympic enthusiasm by choosing the rings as a symbol of solidarity, tolerance, support and integration. Organised by Frederik and Gerrit Braun, the creators of Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland and avid Olympic supporters, 17,000 people (number according to the German News Agency dpa) gathered Sunday on a green at the biggest park in Hamburg at 11:30am to form five rings with a width of over 100 metres each, thereby sending an emotional image around the world.

Following the dispersal of the static rings, a diverse crowd once again formed the rings in a gigantic, high-speed flash mob choreography. Never before have so many people created such a strong image for the Olympic Games within such a short period of time. The head of the Guinness World Records jury from London honoured the performance with a certificate directly on the spot. The official title of the Guinness record reads: “The largest formation of human Olympic rings was achieved by Miniatur Wunderland (Germany), in Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany, on 8 November 2015.”

Spectacular shots of the event, which was filmed from an aerial view by helicopters, can be seen at

Hamburg will apply to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 on behalf of Germany as a whole. The north German port city would then like to serve not only as Germany’s gateway to the world, but also as the world’s gateway. Hamburg aims to host sustainable games on the water, with short distances and in the very heart of the city. While the referendum on Hamburg’s Olympic application will be held till 29 November, tens of thousands of Hamburg’s locals have already tuned in today.

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