The name says it all for the book, ‘They don’t teach you how to get rich at school’, now available on Amazon

The renowned author Laura Maya has released her new book on Amazon named, “They don’t teach you how to get rich at school” on Amazon. The book highlights the importance of managing money in the process of being rich. It clearly distinguishes between the mindset of the rich and the poor and focuses on how changing the thinking can lead to success in life.

The book puts light on the conventional approach of the schools which just focus on the bookish topics such as organic chemistry, trigonometry and don’t pay much attention to financial planning, making or saving money. The book will cover all the aspects of the life of rich and the wealthy to demonstrate with real life examples what they do differently which makes them wealthy and successful in life.

Achieving a formal education is no guarantee of success these days until and unless the person knows how to manage money. The book explains that only education is not enough to acquire money in life and that having a wrong mindset can lead to loss of money.

The book will make the reader re-think their beliefs about money making and let them consider the principles and behaviors of the rich, adopt and implement them in their life too.

Author Laura Maya has broken down this book into eleven  chapters, each of which focuses on setting the psychological stage for strong financial habits.  The chapter one will focus on the importance of the perception about money and how it really matters. The chapter two will explain about the conventional education practices and what ‘They don’t teach you how to be rich at school’ and so on.

The book has received steady response from the readers in a short period of its launch such as one of the Amazon users Desiree mentions, “Really I had a fantastic read on this book. Thanks to Author for an amazing creation. Well written and described. Great thinking. I won’t say anything about this book, just want to say give a try to this book if you want your financial freedom.”

Most importantly, the book highlights the 18 points in which rich and poor people think differently which the reader will come across throughout the book and ultimately help them in achieving financial benefits.

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