How One Cowgirl Fought for Fairness All the Way to the United States Supreme Court – and Won 3 Times!

When Valery Orr realized her company was being bypassed for state and federal contracts in order that minority companies receive preference, she took a stand. Her #1 Bestselling book, Bar None, is her story of personal struggle against the legal system, a journey that included three trips to the United States Supreme Court, and whose efforts resulted in precedential rulings that today form a bulwark against using the power of government to play favorites among its own citizens.

Orr credits her upbringing with giving her the strength to persevere through that twelve-year struggle: a childhood continuing four generations of Colorado cattle ranchers, dating back to her great-grandfather’s Emil Linke’s 1883 homestead in the bleak antebellum frontier.

A story both personal and universal, Bar None reveals the injustices of legislative deference to white guilt, the struggles to overcome the barriers of racial and gender preferences, and the eventual triumphs of a woman who only ever wanted to be judged on the quality of her own hard work. Laced with humor, grit, and charm – but never stridency – Bar None shows that pioneer spirit and personal accountability are timeless.

Jim Remmert of Boulder, Colorado says, “I found your book so inspiring that I finished it in two days, a rare accomplishment for a lawyer who is inclined to dwell on minutiae. I want you to know how much I admire your courage and tenacity in standing up for what is right against the government establishment.”

Valery Orr believes that the history of race relations is an enduring scar on the American psyche: visible, slow to heal, and intrusive. Current headlines show that as a nation and as individuals we are confused over how to enable a meritocracy that both respects our racial history and offers an equitable future. But in the courtroom, attempts to remedy America’s ugly, vestigial past created a new imbalance, an overcorrection whose force overpowered the individuals it sought to aid, and denied equality to others in a perverse spoils system at odds with the ideas of our country’s founding.

Orr says, “This is the story I’ve held inside for years, the book that shows my lifelong struggle for fairness – a struggle that put my case on the front page of national papers, put this reluctant cattle queen in the gallery of the United States Supreme Court, and put my dearest principles to the test.”

Val Orr, a 4th generation native of Colorado, grew up on a cattle ranch with three brothers. She was raised with pioneer values, a frontier work ethic, and the grit to stand on her own two feet. When her family business began losing jobs to minority-owned competition because of a taxpayer-funded system based on color and gender, Val chose to speak out and stand up against that kind of discrimination.

Everyone told her to use her gender and just play along. But she wouldn’t. She did not want to work the system in an underhanded way. Val intended to compete fairly on nothing but her company’s own merits. She took her fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – three times. And won! National front-page news and high profile TV coverage announced the landmark rulings. Val chronicled this journey and the lessons she learned in her memoir, Bar None.

Media Coverage Val’s case was covered in hundreds of media outlets including: CNN · ABC · CBS · NBC · CNBC · New York Times · Washington Post · Washington Times · USA Today · Wall Street Journal · Denver Post · Miami Herald · U.S. News & World Report · Time Magazine · MacNeil/Lehrer · Nick News · BBC London

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