Mobissue Introduces Magazine Maker to Benefit iPad Readers A Lot

Mobissue, the HTML5 based magazine publisher introduces the more innovative ways of reading and publishing magazines on iPad. It gives ultimate options for digital reader on their iPad and changed the way of e-book reading.

In today’s world mobile phones are the most popular electronic device which allows the ultimate level of options. Thoughts of using a mobile have changed today. Mobile phones are not only for calling in Today’s world. Advanced mobile devices are useful for every sector like business, shopping, reading etc. Among all mobile devices iPad allows the maximum level of options. It’s bigger than many other mobile devices, modernized and more useful for reading, entertainment even shopping also. 

Mobissue, the HTML5 based powerful magazine maker gives a new way of publishing and reading a magazine on iPad. This magazine maker gives fashionable options for publishers. With a wide range of options, now publishers can easily reach to the reader. It’s easy to publish a magazine by engaging with digital magazine maker Mobissue with maximum options like custom banner, notifications, advertise, SEO friendly options and sharing options with subscriber manager. All this options give many ways to the publishers to reach their reader’s iPad. Publishers can access all the features easily without any knowledge of coding by using Mobssue’s powerful HTML5 based magazine maker.

Mobissue’s HTML5 based magazine maker has changed the experience of reading on iPad. Now, it’s the time to forget all old methods of e-book reading with Mobissue. It’s a hampering method to download an e-book and read it by using an e-book reader on an iPad. By using flipbook, reader can easily access any magazine by visit its http link and read it without any e-reader. So, now the process is too simple with powerful digital magazine maker Mobissue. It gives relief from finding an e-book and downloads it from the internet.

This fashionable magazine maker provides a QR code with every magazine, so the user can easily find the favorite magazine by using the QR code. It also offers entertainment options for readers. Reader can get multimedia content during reading any magazine which is compatible with iPad. Mobissue’s magazine maker offers ultimate modernized options of reading on iPad.

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