How to install Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter Z3

One of the highlights of Airwheel Z3 2 wheel scooter is the innovative multiple fold system. Since it is very easy to fold Z3, and how about the installation? There are several steps. Firstly, fasten the brace and left foot pedal with two screws; align the petal with the mounting hole on the vehicle frame, and penetrate into the screw and tighten in sequence. The same steps as right foot pedal mounting. Secondly, pull the handle with the word “PRESS” (Indicated by the arrows); set right the head of vehicle and lock and fasten it (Indicated by the arrows).

Thirdly, open the middle pressing plate (Indicated by the arrows). From the lock catch, take out the handle and align with the hole to mount on bracket. The same steps as turning handle mounting, and put the pressing plate down. Fourthly, align the battery housing bracket with the mounting hole, put into two screws and tighten it one by one. Open quick release and adjust the height of vehicle head. Put the battery pack into the bracket. Insert and connect the male and female plug, fasten the battery pack and vehicle head with rubber ring.

When the installation is finished, you can push open the brace, and put away two foot pedals. Pull out the two handles from the bracket and respectively fasten them on lock catch. Open lock catch, pull the handle with the word “PRESS” back and push the vehicle head to the frame to fold 90 degrees. Set right the head of Z3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter, and adjust the handle and vehicle body to ensure driving comfort. In the battery housing to find the power, turn on the power switch, to seize the handle, and feet set on the pedal one by one. The right hand gently rotates the handle to accelerate, Z3 electric scooter enters the power state and maintains balance, and then the driver can get on to ride. 

Riding Z3 electric motor that is installed by your own hands will give you a sense of achievement.

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