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“Two wheels self balance scooter mini segway personal transporter”
Shenzhen QiDa Technology offers a unique personal transporter with the new self balance scooter.

Shenzhen QiDa Technology, the professional supplier of new technology personal transporters, has introduced to the market a new-age self balance scooter that’s quite unlike any other scooter currently available. The company, known globally as QiDa, has an increasingly large following among consumers, impressed by their ability to deliver personal transporters that are designed to make their life easy while on the roads.

“Shenzhen QiDa is committed to providing self balance scooter units that incorporate cutting-edge technology to make traveling easy, safe and enjoyable for users,” says the spokesperson for the popular Chinese firm. “The self balance scooter we offer comes with a number of features that can dramatically change the way you travel. The best thing about this self balance scooter is that it is easy to learn how to ride them and can be taken anywhere as it is portable.”

The lithium battery powered self balance scooter has an innovative, self balance control system. The self balance scooter does not have the conventional handlebars but that is not the only thing that makes this transporter special and different. The balance is in-built and the movement comes from application of subtle pressure from the feet and body of the user. It can be easily maneuvered and steered in the desired direction by specific and skilful movement and pressure of the body and feet.

The self balance scooter makes ride easy and hands-free. The high-tech balancing system puts the user in absolute control of forward and backward movement. The smart design and technology that the self balance scooter is equipped with, makes turning easy and effortless.

The technological details of the self balance scooter by QiDa reveal the amazing abilities of this brilliantly engineered scooter.  It can easily carry a load of 100 Kg easily. The maximum speed of the scooter is 10 Km/Hr and has a maximum range of 15 to 20 kilometers.

The innovative travel companion requires an hour or two of charging using 100-240V/50-60HZ for an easy and hassle free run. The long-lasting and superior-design battery can be recharged at least 1800 times. According to QiDa, the battery lasts 3.8 times longer than conventional battery and is much safer to use. It has 170 mm non-pneumatic, hollow tires. It has an innovative design, complete with LED lights.

Customers can order the QiDa self balance scooter in black, white, yellow, pink and red colors.

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About Shenzhen QiDa Technology Co. Limited:

Shenzhen QiDa Technology Company is a reputed supplier of groundbreaking, self balance unicycle Bluetooth scooters. Their factory is located in Shenzhen city. The workshop covers an area of 1500 square meters. They design, manufacture and market their products worldwide.

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