AU Pair in China enables students to visit China for learning its language and culture

AU Pair in China is providing students with the opportunities to acquire exposure on Chinese language and culture. It provides this service free of cost.

China – 09th Nov, 2015 – With the growing importance of China, many students are now particularly interested to acquire lesson in Chinese language along with experiencing the cultural lifestyles of Chinese people. There are many agencies which are providing this service to the students. AU Pair in China is one agency which is creating opportunities for the international students to visit China to learn its language and culture. It works in partnership with educational institutions to provide the best cultural exchange experience to the students visiting China. It provides this service with the help of its multi-lingual teams comprising of education professionals, cross cultural specialists and travel experts.

Under its AU Pair China program students will get placement in Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and many more under the supervision of a host family. Here students need to work as a language tutor to the children of such host family. They also need to perform other petty tasks like playing music, drawing painting, outdoor sports and so on excluding laborious house works. In exchange students will get benefits like free accommodation, meals, monthly cash allowance, paid vacation and many more. Students do not have to bear the cost of Chinese language course, as it will be paid by the host family. The agency will arrange monthly cultural events for the students for maximizing their exposure to the Chinese culture.AU Pair in China

But before becoming a part of this cultural exchange program, international students must obtain a contract before his/her coming to the host family. In such contract they must carefully see their working durations, allowance, lodging and boarding conditions, agency arbitrage and such other important information. Apart from that it also advises students to view their benefits, language lessons support, program completion bonus and such other conditions while entering into contract with any other AU Pair China agency. Students have the option of obtaining these sample contracts from its website. Internationalstudents can get much useful information from its site on how to adjust with the Chinese culture.

Students planning to visit China under its cultural exchange program must opt for F visa or X visa. For obtaining F visa application students have to obtain a consent invitation letter from their respective host families along with other essential information. For information they can contact with this agency. It has thorough knowledge of Chinese visa regulations and students will receive appropriate guidelines from it. Students have to pass its rigorous tests to qualify for this program. Based on their satisfactory explanations and other background checking it will enroll them in this cultural exchange program.

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AU Pair in China is a part of to friend AU Pair agency of Shanghai. It helps international students to visit China for learning its culture.

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