Questions to Pose When Choosing a Treatment Center

Be sure to check if medical detox is available through their program.
If you have a family member who is suffering from chemical addiction, professional treatment may be in order.

Locating the most effective treatment facility for your loved one may seem like an overwhelming task. However, there are steps you can take to carefully evaluate and choose which facility may be the best choice for your son, daughter or loved one.

When deciding whether a program is suitable for the member of your family who is suffering from some form of chemical dependency, it is important to investigate the licensing and accreditation of any program you may be investigating. Licensing and accreditation are not the same things. States vary in their licensing requirements.  Therefore, it is important to determine that they are, in fact, state licensed but to also discover what organizations have provided them with accreditation for their treatment program. It is further important to investigate the credentials and accreditation of all clinical staff, including psychologists, therapists, counselors and support staff members.

Next, one must become familiar with the program’s treatment modalities and any studies that may have been conducted that outline the success of the program’s graduates. Not only should the treatment center be using research-based treatment measures; but they should be actively tracking the success of their care and treatment. An inquiry into their patient/client ratio can give you a better understanding of the attention your addicted family member will receive with their facility and help you better evaluate the potential for success under their care.

Be sure to check if medical detox is available through their program. As this process may include side-effects that could be dangerous to your family member; it is important that you, first, learn whether detox is even offered, and second, who handles the detoxification of their patients. What are the credentials of the professionals that may be taking your son or daughter through a medically managed detox program?

As each person’s needs are unique, does this particular program offer an individualized treatment plan for each of their recovering addicts? This will give you a better understanding of how thorough their staff may be in investigating the underlying reasons for the addiction of your loved one; and show that they have the means of providing the individualized treatment care necessary to address those specific needs. Does the program address a full range of recovery needs, including medical, psychological, social, behavioral and spiritual?

What types of services are available to family members? Are there family counseling sessions available during inpatient care and additional counseling available during the outpatient phase of the recovering addict’s treatment program? Also, what exactly are the outpatient services they offer to help the recovering addict after they have exited the protective environment of the treatment center?

And finally, take time to conduct a walk-through of the facility, in order to be familiar with all physical accommodations that would be available to your family member during their recovery process.

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