Lucy Torres-Gomez’s Truest: A New Brand Of Giving

From Bono to Jessica Alba, celebrities are breaking out of the traditional expectations of what celebrities should be doing. More and more, they are showing more heart beyond the red carpet. Here in the Philippines, our very own Lucy Torres-Gomez emerged at the forefront of relief and rebuilding projects in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan). Her efforts continue to help thousands of victims from the Fourth District of Leyte, including her home city of Ormoc.

On the second anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda, she brings her passion to rebuild the lives of victim families to a new level. She launches a non-profit organization, which is also a gift-giving brand called Truest.

Gifts that give more

What makes Truest gifts unique is that for every gift product you purchase, part of the proceeds goes to specific projects that help victims of Typhoon Yolanda. It has been two years since that devastating storm, and yet many families in Leyte, still have not gotten back on their feet. Being from Leyte, Lucy is committed to helping every family take back their livelihood and give them a chance at better lives than before.

Truest gifts-Lucy’s labor of love

At (email:, call: +632-510-2036), you can avail of Truest’s first gift product – the Truest Candle. These are available now in three scents – Spaces Between Memories, A Very Happy Place, and White Sheets & Daydreams. Lucy is a big believer in the power of gifts, being a very thoughtful gift giver herself. In fact, if you ever have the good fortune of receiving a gift from her, you would see how she thought of every little detail – from the gift item, the wrapper, the ribbons,down to the hand written note that makes you feel so special. In the same way, each Truest gift reflects Lucy’s passion and attention to detail. On that account, the other part of Truest’s vision is to offer high end, top quality gifts. Each Truest gift must be something that Lucy would be happy to give and receive!

The Truest Candle

Take for example, the Truest Candle. Each aspect of this gift is an expression of her taste. The quality of this candle rivals the best brands available in the international market. The wax is a mixture of coconut and vegetable, and the scents are specially formulated to evoke certain emotions and memories. The glass is really a Scotch glass! (Yes, you can use it when you’re done with the wax). When you light a Truest Candle, you stimulate the senses, ushering you to see the world in a different way. Surely, the person receiving a Truest Candle will understand that he or she is in your ‘nice’ list.

The Truest Candle alone is already a great buy – top of the line candle at a reasonable price. But that’s not all. A Truest gift contributes to another gift-a charitable gift that someone in Leyte desperately needs.

Candles for solar lanterns

Every Truest Candle contributes to buying portable solar lanterns to children in need in Leyte. At this day and age, you would be surprised to know that there are still areas that are not serviced by the national grid. This means homes have no indoor lighting and there are no streetlights. We all know how lighting is critical in daily living. But this need is even more pronounced for those living in the most remote areas. A child walking home at dusk puts herself at risk when darkness sets in. Furthermore, children’s study hours at home are limited to the availability of natural lighting.

When you buy Truest Candles, children receive portable solar lanterns that they can wear when they walk in the dark. The same solar lanterns serve her study lamps, so they can devote more time to studies. But there is one use for lighting that we did not expect-catching frogs!! Later on, we realized that frog hunting was not a hobby at all. Frogs are considered a source of protein for families, and also serve as animal feed. Indeed, their resilience humbles us.

Truest is indeed the new brand of giving. When you buy a Truest gift you end up giving much more than you imagined. With each Truest gift, you pass on the love that made it so special-to your special friend or family member, and also to someone in need in Leyte. And guess what, it does not stop there. This love will definitely find its way back you. Before you know it, you have just helped change the world.

To order or find out more about Truest gifts, visit, email, or call +632 510-2036.


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