Revolights Eclipse – An Innovative Connected Bike Lighting System

360º Visibility, Bluetooth, Turn Signals, Ride Tracking, Commute Alerts & more!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 9, 2015 – Revolights, makers of the revolutionary bicycle lighting system, have announced the release of the Revolights Eclipse product family. 

Providing Revolights’ signature 360 degree visibility, a smart brake light, and a fully functional headlight, the new Revolights Eclipse and Eclipse+ are the continuation of their quest to create higher safety standards for night time bike riding. 

The latest model of Revolights now comes in two different editions, the Eclipse and Eclipse+. Eclipse+ offers the same great visibility as Eclipse, but also adds Bluetooth connectivity to enable new features such as turn signals and integrations with the new Revolights App. 

With the Revolights App an entirely new dimension of functionality to the lights is possible. The App provides the ability to check battery life and remotely turn on/off the lights. By sensing the time of day, the lights can also automatically turn on when riders need light if the sun is setting. 

The App will have a tailored set of ride tracking features as well. For instance, riders will be able to track distance, miles per hour, compete in challenges, and set goals. There will also be tools on the app to help make sure commutes go smoothly, such as an intelligent weather forecast that has reminders to bring a coat in case it rains later or if it will be sunny for the entire ride. 

With the new Eclipse product family, installation of Revolights is now easier than ever before. By eliminating cables and introducing a new rechargeable snap-in battery, the lights have a more streamlined, low-profile design.

Revolights Eclipse and Eclipse+ are currently being launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Revolights raised 100% of its campaign goal in the first three days after launching and will be available on after the campaign is concluded. 

For more information, please visit the Revolights campaign page. Click here for the Revolights Press Kit. 

About Revolights:

Revolights was originally launched through Kickstarter in 2011, and has been revolutionizing bicycle safety ever since. Its innovative design incorporates style, safety, and functionality, and has earned numerous awards such as Core77’s 2012 Design Award for Transportation and Men’s Journal Gear of the Year 2013.

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