Entrepreneur Elad Hadar Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with Marketing Romance

Marketing Romance by Elad Hadar recently hit #1 on the Amazon.com Direct Marketing Best Sellers List.

Marketing expert and author Elad Hadar recently hit #1 on the Amazon.com Direct Marketing Best Sellers List with the release of his book Marketing Romance.  The book also made best-selling lists in the categories of sales, marketing, business and money, next to books like Steve Jobs, Influence, Good to Great and 4-Hour Work Week.

Marketing Romance offers a quick way to learn marketing basics in the context of relationship building.  According to Hadar, “After working with 35,000 businesses and opening 14 branches of my company worldwide, I learned that many business owners do not understand the basics of marketing.  They try to advertise before they consider marketing.  Marketing is a strategy.”

His book offers advice for small, medium and large business owners on prioritizing marketing over advertising, building a marketing strategy, differentiation for different audiences, identifying a target audience and how to make a first impression.  The book offers easy-to-understand advice than any business owner can use to create a viable marketing strategy that will improve the company’s relationship with its clients or customers.

Elad Hadar states, “This book actually has two audiences.  First is a small or medium business owner who wants to learn about info marketing and how to serve clients.  The second group consists of those who want to apply the same foundational marketing skills to find the right spouse.” By applying the principles found in Marketing Romance, readers can develop good relationship skills that work well in both private and public life.  These principles are transferable and easy to integrate into many situations.”

To learn more about Elad Hadar, visit http://www.successeu.eu

Marketing Romance is available on Amazon.com in Kindle format at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0177S80XG

About Elad Hadar: 

Entrepreneur and author Elad Hadar is known as an educator and advocate for client success.  He has handled marketing for small, family-owned businesses and some of the largest companies in the world.  He has worked with the Prime Minister’s office as well as privately-owned companies such as AT&T and Sprint.  He owns the largest Israeli marketing company in the industry and handles accounts throughout the world, with branches in Los Angeles, Europe and Costa Rica.

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