Utah Board Game Company Rocks the Tabletop with CHOPS, a Rocker’s Game

Kaysville, UT – November 9, 2015 – Gangrene Games, a Utah-based tabletop game company is poised to release their 4th game into the market. CHOPS, now in development by Craig Nybo (the creator of Shoot Your Friends), takes on a rock and roll theme. Players build rock bands, play gigs, and compete to become the top rocker.

Nybo says that much of the inspiration for his game comes from personal experience. He actively plays in a rock band with fellow game developers, Larry Nybo and Mike Terrell. Craig has put all of the struggles and triumphs involved in trying to “make it to the top” into CHOPS.

“There isn’t a great rock and roll themed game on the market,” said Craig. “Everyone wants to be a rock star. I don’t care if you play an instrument or not, there is a part of you that wants to get up on the stage and play in front of a million fans. CHOPS is Gangrene Games’ answer to this call.”

CHOPS has the same sense of humor Gangrene Games fans have come to expect. With musicians such as The Destroyer, Elli Glitter, and ex members of a broken up all female rock band called The Punk Cats, this rock and roll board game offers plenty of personality.

In CHOPS, players build bands and sabotage rival bands along the way. Each show venue has its own rules. Bands struggle through bar brawls, seedy club owners, demonic possessions, greedy band managers, police actions, and even alien abductions to play shows and make the cash needed to hire top musicians and arm them with killer instruments. Even more important than cash, bands can earn buzz (which takes the form of guitar pick game pieces). The band with the most buzz at the end of the game wins.

For tabletop game enthusiasts looking for a family game with tons of personality and easy-to-learn play, CHOPS just might fit the bill. Currently, CHOPS is in late development, but early buyers can support Gangrene Games on Kickstarter.com (www.kickstarter.com) to lock in the earliest copies as they roll off the press sometime in the near future.


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