Contractor Looks to Improve Health with Compact Athletics Facilities

09 Nov, 2015 – Since the London 2012 Olympics, there has been an increase in young people’s interest in athletics due to the success of Team GB in a number of track and field events. This has meant that schools have been looking to improve their facilities to give students an opportunity to get involved in new sports and increase their health with regular exercise. One sport facility contractor, Sports and Safety Surfaces, have been trying to find ways in which they can build recreational areas that incorporate lots of athletics events to get young people more active.

The company, who are based in Cheshire in the UK, have designed and installed a number of compact athletics facilities that can be used by schools during PE lessons and after school activities. These are each made up of different components like sprint tracks, long jump runways and high jump fans which are installed in smaller sizes to create a recreational facility. This type of area is perfect for schools that don’t have a lot of space, but want to offer students the chance to take part in a number of athletics events. To see a full case study from Sports and Safety Surfaces on compact athletics facilities, visit this page which describes the design and construction in more detail.

Alice Walker is a head teacher at a school in Bristol which recently had one of these athletics areas built, she said: “We knew that a lot of our students wanted to get involved in athletics, but we didn’t have the money to install a full sized running track with all the extras, so the smaller recreational facility is perfect for us.” The school have seen an increase in sports participation which they hope will contribute to improved health and activity among their students.

This change is something that Sports and Safety Surfaces would like to see happening more across the UK. The company’s marketing executive Amelia German commented, “It’s great to see that our work is encouraging children to become healthier and more active through athletics, we’d love to help more schools design a sports facility which inspires their students.” With obesity being a common problem in the UK, Sports and Safety Surfaces have highlighted their commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles through sport, and hope to continue working with schools and other community organisations.

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