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MMP (USA) presents CEO, Ray Smith of Trycera Financial on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
Trycera Financial provides a proprietary set of comprehensive tools to help clients build their credit, manage their money, and move towards financial independence.

Los Angeles, CA – November 9, 2015 – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Trycera Financial CEO, Ray Smith, to be aired globally in December 2015.

In explaining what the company does, Smith says, “Our company addresses the reality that our current educational system does not educate our youth on the all-important issues of credit and finance.  This leaves people having to learn this on their own as they become responsible adults, and they develop bad financial habits in that process.”

Smith adds, “Our proprietary approach to the education of our consumers focuses on three areas: RichMoney™, RichCredit™ and RichWealth™.  We start with an innovative approach to budgeting by helping the consumer match up their expenses to their income, which is the opposite way most budgeting programs work.  Then, once we’ve helped the consumer create an accurate budget, we work to help them fix and maximize their credit.  Together, this lets our clients move into their financial future with confidence and a plan for creating wealth.”

Trycera Financial (OTCQB: TRYF) provides customers with comprehensive set of financial and credit services under the brand “Successful Habits of the Rich!™”.  Additionally, the company has built a team of highly skilled and uniquely qualified professionals to serve as personal financial management advisors. The company feels its financial literacy program could help consumers secure between $6 to $45 billion in new personal mortgage loans and $1.4 to $9.6 billion in new auto loans in the years to come.

Carl Giese, VP of Credit Services of Trycera Financial, notes, “I became aware of Trycera while helping individuals secure financing for new homes.  Once I realized how the company proactively helps the clients improve their credit scores and gain financial independence, I was excited about joining in this effort.”

Smith concludes his comments with, “The professional team at Trycera Financial works as a community to share its knowledge, experience and expertise to help transform the everyday attitude towards money, credit and wealth.  We believe this comprehensive and transformative process will help change the direction of our sluggish and stagnant economy.”

Commenting on the interview, JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business, states, “We know from our viewer feedback that concern over the economy and personal finances is a vital topic for today’s economy.  This innovative approach to individual financial literacy from Trycera Financial will be of great interest to everyone who sees it.”

This exclusive feature story will air on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International as sponsored programming. Stay tuned for detailed airing information. 

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