Kuester Management Group Strategizes on Ways to Enhance Communication in HOAs

Communication is essential to the effective management of an HOA and Kuester Management Group shares resources for connecting with homeowners.

One of the key elements in running a successful HOA is communicating with members and ensuring that everyone knows what is going on. When breakdowns occur, it is usually because of missing or unclear information, or a lack of understanding of policies and procedures. In order to improve relationships and minimize issues, HOAs should take advantage of the many resources available for communication. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group details some of these options and how to use them more effectively.

“No one likes to feel like they are in the dark about what is happening within their own community,” asserts Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Homeowners want to know what decisions are being made, what policies are being changed, and how they can get involved. Clear and consistent communication is essential. Fortunately there are many ways that HOAs can connect with homeowners and make sure they are informed.” 

One of the most common forms of communication is the community newsletter. Kuester encourages HOAs to reduce the amount of filler and focus on what homeowners want and need to know. Give them advance notice about upcoming meetings, provide reminders about specific policies and procedures, and highlight some of the positive things occurring throughout the neighborhood. Oftentimes people are quick to point out the problems, but don’t acknowledge the accomplishments that are achieved.

Having an HOA website can also be beneficial. “With a dedicated website, homeowners can access important documents, contact the board, find answers to common questions, and stay up-to-date with current information and notices,” says Kuester. “Some HOAs may even have online payment options available through their website to make it easier for homeowners to pay dues. Make sure that someone is regularly updating the website to keep it current and relevant.”

Along the same lines, social media can prove to be a powerful resource. Many homeowners are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. The HOA can share links and articles to helpful resources and information. Facebook can be used to create events and post reminders about upcoming activities or meetings within the community. Kuester also recommends having a community bulletin board located in a central location. Here board members can post notices about future meetings as well as events. Homeowners can submit flyers for approval to advertise their own information as well. Regularly clean up the bulletin board to get rid of past or expired documents and replace them with more up-to-date information. 

“Don’t underestimate the value of email as well,” notes Kuester. “While you don’t want to blast homeowners with an abundance of emails, using them to strategically highlight essential information can be beneficial. Instead of sending out numerous emails at once, gather content so you can send out one more meaningful document that homeowners will be more likely to read. Also make sure that subject lines are clear and engaging.”

Taking advantage of the plethora of resources for communication can build a stronger sense of community in the HOA. Homeowners will be more up-to-date on current happenings and have the opportunity to get involved. A professional property management company can support HOAs in establishing clearer and more effective communication with members.


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