Airwheel New Products Release Conference, a Historical Day for Electric Scooters Manufactures

Through years’ arduous efforts, Airwheel has won its glory now. As an electric self-balancing scooter producer, Airwheel has been a pioneer among its counterparts all over the world within just several years. In spite of its success on the previous three series of scooter, including the single-wheeled X-series, the twin-wheeled Q-series and the intelligent self-balancing S-series, Airwheel keeps trying and finally has brought four new products at last month. The single-wheeled F3, similar to X-series, excels on its dexterity. Besides the advantages of F3, the two-wheeled Z3 enjoys an excellent balance and convenience due to its unique two-wheeled structure. S6, which is called mini scooter excels on its mini size while M3 looking like a skateboard wins its reputation on unexpected innovation.

Airwheel electric skateboard M3

The unicycle scooter F3 might hold back some green hands, however, its agility excels among all other products. Almost all experienced riders are passionate on the unicycle to display their distinguished riding skills. The single-wheel is a better choice for showing their brilliant tricks. Z3 and S6 choose the two-wheeled design which guarantees the safety and stability.  Thanks to their designs, both enjoy excellent balance and seem easier to ride. Electric skateboard is a new try for many scooter fans and attracts thousands of skateboarding amateurs at the same time. This new products release conference has brought unexpected surprises for scooter fans all over the world.

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Airwheel devotes itself to developing neo-type green electric scooter for years. Being friendly to environment with low carbon, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is pretty suitable for short distance among office workers and students. Also, it can be used as certain daily entertainment, which is pleasing for young people. All members in Airwheel family have their unique features, dedicating to creating new fashion for scooter amateurs and lead transportation revolution in the near future.

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