The True Road to Recovery With the Use of The Three-Part Program

For anyone who has suffered the pain of alcohol or drug addiction, recognizing that they need help with their problem and seeking that help may be their only ticket to sobriety.
Once one has become embroiled in a world where the only solution for dealing with emotional pain is to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, the fear of living without that substance of choice is often beyond imagination.

Whether the individual is in a state of denial, still believing that they can continue using or whether they recognize that quitting is their only alternative – abstinence means such a change of lifestyle, that it seems unattainable.  Even with the potential loss of family connections, friends or employment, the addicted personality may find he or she is unable to refrain.

Chemical dependency is a form of chameleon; with the changing faces of dependency as varied as the numbers of those who have succumbed to an out-of-control state.  As a progressive disease, it can continue to worsen, even while the addicted man or woman continues to convince themselves that they have it under control.  With the assistance of a 12-Step Program, many men and women have been able to obtain freedom from the physical and emotional binds of addiction.  However, for many others, professional assistance has been needed.

For anyone who has suffered the pain of alcohol or drug addiction, recognizing that they need help with their problem and seeking that help may be their only ticket to sobriety.  For, “hard-knuckling it” by one’s self, typically ends in defeat.  If you or a family member is ready to tackle the tricky path to sobriety, finding a licensed and successful treatment facility may be the answer you seek.  Amicus House is one such place.  With a team of dedicated and trained counselors, we have been assisting those with their recoveries from addiction since 1990.  With a program that has been designed for success, a tried and true road to recovery is available with our three-part program for sobriety.

We offer a 24-hour intensive inpatient program for men and women.  While housed with our staff of experts, each patient receives the personalized treatment they seek.  With expert individual and group counseling sessions each patient is provided with the insight into the emotional triggers that are the driving force behind their addictions.  We offer group counseling that is gender specific, allowing each patient to realize that they are not alone and to glean insight from the plights of others.

In addition to the counseling and education opportunities provided during the inpatient phase of each client’s recovery path, our treatment facility also provides a transitional phase.  This includes a sober living facility as a half-way station to test their newfound world without the old substance crutches.  With the ability to return to work or school, they are restored to a near-normal living pattern, with the ongoing support of staff and community 12-step meetings.  Finally, the patient returns to their home.  However, weekly counseling sessions continue to be available, to help address those issues that arise as they try to navigate their world in a sober fashion.

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