Choosing A Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Amicus House – A private sector recovery program located in Northern California, we have been providing successful treatment for drug and alcohol abuse since 1990.
If you or a member of your family is suffering from substance abuse, you may have come to the stage where you realize professional care is required.

When selecting the appropriate drug/alcohol treatment facility, one of the industry’s top organizations is Amicus House. A private sector recovery program located in Northern California, we have been providing successful treatment for drug and alcohol abuse since 1990. 

Offering a three-phase approach to treatment, Amicus House is proud of its 67% success rate. With 24-hour residential drug/alcohol treatment, non-medical care available, its program also includes intensive transitional and out-patient programs, for on-going assistance. The founding member of Amicus House – Lori Johnson – has earned great respect among her recovery peers. 

Our first phase of 24-hour residential care includes the attention of a trained counseling staff. Our experienced and caring counselors assist each patient by developing a personalized program that includes individual counseling sessions. These sessions are designed to help our client explore the core issues that may surround their dependence on drugs or alcohol.  We also offer gender specific group counseling sessions to further provide each patient with the tools necessary to deal with challenges they may experience when dealing with family, friends or work.  During the course of a patient’s stay, they will receive HIV education and disease concepts, relapse prevention solutions, behavior modification choices, along with life skills options.

Amicus House recognizes that immediately returning a patient to their former environment after completing the inpatient treatment part of their care may be a set-up for failure. For that reason, we offer a transitional living opportunity in a clean and sober environment, during which time they can practice the skills they learned while completing their inpatient stay. During this phase of their treatment, they are able to return to work, go to school or assist at a local volunteer program, while enjoying continuing interaction with counseling staff. All patients are encouraged to attend local 12-step recovery meetings in a community setting.

The final, after-care part of the recovery program includes weekly counseling sessions, during which time the patient is provided with ongoing support and relapse prevention by members of our trained team.  All three phases of our drug and alcohol treatment program are designed with a goal of stabilizing the health and wellbeing of the patient.  Our program also recognizes the need for including family members in our counseling program, in order to ensure a lasting solution for individual sobriety and family harmony.

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