Urtensils successfully completes its campaign on Kiva, within a short period of its launch

URtensils is a personal, portable cutlery package, designed for everyone to get in touch with their culinary roots, with an emphasis on health and sanitation. The brand is recently launched this summer and to say it was successfully crowd funded would be an understatement. A 10k was raised on the Kiva Zip website in half of the four week period it usually takes to fund that amount, despite being the first cutlery project or business on their website.  The loan was endorsed by NYC Business Solutions-Harlem Center who appreciated Dave’s innovative concept of Urtensils and also mentioned that he is offering a high quality product for the portable dining experience.

A Former sales director in the apparel industry, Dave Rowan is the man behind URtensils. His inspiration came from a very average, yet enjoyable evening while dining. His attention was drawn to the cutlery lying on the table, particularly the fork. It was slightly bent. A curious mind was led to ponder over where the fork had been? Who had used it? And for what purpose, was it food or something else?

Not just that, as Dave Rowan saw the bent fork in front of him, the most concerning thing that ran through his mind was whether it was hygienic or not. That time led to David Rowan deciding that he would not use another fork until or unless it was his own. And if he would have it his way, so would everyone else, and that is where the idea of URtensils was born.

The only way to be sure that the cutlery is completely Sanitized is to submerge it in high heated water past 145 degrees Fahrenheit, but most people can’t handle temperatures over 104 degrees, and getting to that temperature can be time consuming. URtensils has specifically been developed to curtail germ transference of common virus’ that can be lurking on cutlery, even after being washed.

The brand is also built to curtail wasted water, as the water crisis is the number one Global risk based on impact to society as announced by the World Economic Forum, January 2015. URtensils also aims to curtail plastic water pollution. Disposable cutlery in the UK is used for just three minutes before discarded and Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year. Only 6.5 percent of that is recycled.

After the huge success Urtensils received on Kiva, Dave is even more enthusiastic to take his brand to the next level and make his product reach out to as many people as possible.

As of right now, Kiva Zip is excited about URtensils and thinks it’s a great idea and can’t wait to see how the project progresses. 

Media Contact
Company Name: URtensils
Contact Person: Dave Rowan
Email: gracewilliamss91@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: www.urtensils.com