The startup Terras Garden has become the company to provide cleanest salads ever

Through its highly unique and innovative Terrapure technology, the company Terras garden offers the cleanest ready to eat salads ever. The salads by Terras Garden are washed and cleaned to the extent that the company promises the water used in cleaning to be drinkable after the final wash process.

The five components of Terrapure cleaning process ensure that the salads are 99.9 per cent germ free and pure before they go for packaging. The salads are ready to eat and can be directly poured into the bowl for eating.

The high quality packaging design and of course, the remarkable cleaning process also ensures that the salad retains its freshness and crispiness for longer duration so that the salad tastes like it is served right after plucking from the ‘terrace garden’.

Within a short period of its start, the company Terras Garden has created quite a buzz in the market due to its high quality and fresh salads that taste the best. The company started as a startup but owing to its high quality standards and innovative cleaning methods, it has soon gained success in the market and became a popular brand among the consumers.

To ensure that their products are the best, the company has invested more than 4 million in the machinery which is used during the Terrapure process to clean the salads in the best possible way.

With an aim to make this world healthier with healthy and pure food, the company also aims to donate some part of the formula to the third world country, Congo, so that the people there can have properly cleaned vegetables and fruits.

Terras Garden imports the salads form the local farms which maintain high quality standards and this also ensures that the salads can be cleaned, packaged and put on shelves of the market the same day.

Terras garden has surely got the potential to bring a revolution in the packaged salads market because of its best in class cleaning technology which results in fresh, crispy and delicious salads.

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