Coates Golf Explains Its Market-Leading Approach To Women’s Golf Equipment During Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

MMP (USA) presents Mollie Coates, President of Coates Golf on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland
The president of Coates Golf explains how they have earned a distinctive position in the world of golf with designs and technology for women.

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November 10, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Mollie Coates, President of Coates Golf, introduces her company by noting, “More and more women are taking to the green. However, there is a great disparity between the technology and equipment used by men and women in the game of golf.”

Ms. Coates adds, “Most of the options today in equipment for women are simply retrofitted men’s clubs. Our grips, shafts, and heads are engineered to meet the needs of female golfers, and they can build a bag with our clubs for any level of their game.”

With headquarters in Anthony, Florida, Coates Golf has established itself as the leader in producing golf equipment designed specifically for women. The company’s efforts have gained international attention and garnered a number of awards. These include being the Title Sponsor for the first LPGA tournament of 2015, the Coates Golf Championship, and an Orlando Addy Award for broadcast commercials. The association with the LGPA provides the company with direct access to its primary market and users.

Lisa Lombardo, the Coates Director of Communications, adds, “There was a make-do mentality in the market before Coates. We want to equip women so they can expect more from the game and progress with clubs that can keep up with them. We also help women achieve their goal of finding great women’s-oriented golf accessories with a professional style.”

Commenting on the interview, the Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business, JL Haber, states, “We know our women viewers will especially enjoy this insightful piece on Coates Golf. Whether they are men or women or golfers or not, viewers are shown how a successful company identifies unique market needs and addresses them with an innovative approach.”

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About Coates Golf

Coates Golf is solely dedicated to women’s golf. Launched in January 2015, Coates Golf offers quality, performance equipment options for women. The brand is anchored by an antelope for the simple reason that female antelope grow horns like male. More than just an elegant and athletic icon representing how Coates Golf believes women should be promoted, the antelope represents equality. No more patronizing. Same game. Same respect. Coates Golf is the title sponsor of the LPGA’s Coates Golf Championship. In July 2015, Golf Hall of Famer and Team USA Solheim Cup Captain Juli Inkster began representing Coates Golf on the LPGA Tour. #setyourgamefree

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