Miami Beach, FL – November 10, 2015 – Jonathan Parker, candidate for Miami Beach City Commission Group 4, has announced his endorsement for Betsy Perez, in the Group 4 run off.  Parker added, “The most important qualifications in a City Commissioner are perspective (of Miami Beach’s changes) and wisdom.  Those qualities only come over time. Betsy Perez has been a resident of Miami Beach for some thirty five years and she has worked in a successful family business while raising a family. You can buy an education, but you can’t buy common sense.”  As a lawyer, Parker knows it’s more important to know where to find the correct answer.  He’s convinced that Betsy has what it takes to be a good commissioner, and will know where to find the right answers, and that’s why he supports her.

Betsy Perez’ opponent, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, lists her educational aspirations, multiple jobs, and obligations, that Parker is concerned that Gonzalez doesn’t have the time to add the many duties of the City Commission.  She has only been a resident of the Beach for a couple of years after a residency disqualification from the election two years ago, and she has publicly displayed a lack of common sense throughout the campaign season.  Her questionable behavior ranges from publicly condoning fear tactics such as anonymous “Must Vote For” ballots shoved under seniors’ doors, to asking Parker to withdraw from the election on multiple times “so she could win”.  “Ultimately,” Parker says, “Rosen Gonzalez is treating this like a Student Council election which is an insult to the residents and business owners of Miami Beach. We must do our best to elect the Commissioner who will make the most rational decisions on the dais.” 

Jonathan Parker ran against Perez and Gonzalez in the Commission election on Miami Beach this week in group of six candidates.  Parker has been a resident of Miami Beach for twenty-five years.  He is a lawyer and he and his wife Melissa, own the UPS Store at Alton Road and Arthur Godfrey Road.  His primary concern for the residents and local businesses of Miami Beach is that they stop being treated like “after thoughts” in City Hall, in favor of special interest groups.  He wants to work with the City Budget Committee and requests that the Commission creates a task force for local small business owners.

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