Introduction to Paper bag making machine

Today’s market is characterized by a lot of competitiveness, thus paper bag making industries across the globe must strive and ensure that it conforms to the changing trends and technologies. The paper bag industry is affected by: globalization, technological changes, changing consumer demands, safety requirements, and government regulations etc. Paperbag manufacturers must seek to maximize their profits as well as conform to the factors above. In doing this also the firms must ensure that the paper bags are of high quality and conform to the customer standards. The introduction of the paper bag machine tries to bridge this gap.

So what is paper bag making machine? Paper bag machines also refer to paper bag automatic making machines. These machines produce paper bags which are used to package or carry different types of goods, for example, bags for food, clothes etc… Generally, these machines are automatic in nature. An operator is barely required, the only time an operator is required is only in the replenishment of the raw materials and the removal of the finished products. The bag machines usually come in different configurations which depend on the nature of the paper bag being made. 

Usually there are two types of paper bag making machine, one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic. 

For fully automatic machines, the bag making process is as follows: first, the printed sheet from the roller printer will be passed in the automatic paper feeder, and they will be creased in Paper Creasing section. After folded in the top, they will be formed into bag tube shape in the Paper bag tube forming section. After that, bottom carton will be pasted and the whole process will finish by gluing and folding the paper bag bottom. 

For Semi-Automatic Paper bag making machines, the whole process can be divided into 3 modules or machines, the 3 parts are similar to the automatic machines but they are three independent machines: 

  1. Paper bag tube forming machine. The machine uses single sheet, and it can be added the function of top folded as well.
  2. Paper bag bottom hooking machine. The product from tube forming machine will be processed in the machine. Also bottom carton is added in this machine.
  3. Paper bag bottom hooking machine. The product from step 2 will be processed in the module. Final product will be finished by gluing and folding. 

And if all three machines joined together they will become an automatic production line.

The paper machine benefits an organization in a number of ways. One it helps in reduction of costs. This is because labour costs are minimized to the lowest extends. The machine does not require many operators. Also it helps in producing paper bags which are of high quality and conform to the requirements of customers. The paper bags made are not subject to tear easily and hence can last long and are durable. This in turn leads to increased sales and the overall growth of a firm.

Paper bag making machines give an enterprise competitive advantage as compared to its competitors. As we have all seen above they also simplify work flow and come along so many benefits. Hence this technology should be upheld.

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