W12 – Think about Incorporating Social Media into your Conference

To help engage your audience and reach out to others, use second screen technology to integrate your conference with social media.

Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences says that “more businesses are running face to face conferences. Businesses are realising the benefits of getting people together, many of whom will be potential clients as well as others in the industry, and discussing a topic of common interest. Many companies use them as a method of increasing sales, brand awareness and also to launch a new product.”

He went on to say “that face to face conferences are much more effective than webinars. Whilst they are more expensive, they enable you to network with your delegates which is hugely valuable as it allows you to build those all important business relationships and this is not possible with webinars and video conferences.”

Although face to face conferences are hugely effective, they are limiting with the number of people that can attend. Conference venues come in a variety of difference sizes and whilst there are some huge venues out there, they typically increase in price as the size goes up. Also companies tend to be limited by the size of their contact list.

Mr. Steedman said “A great way of expanding the reach of your conference is by incorporating social media. A common way of doing this is by providing second screen technology at an event, which allows delegates to view content on their mobile device in real time. The benefit of this is that they can take screenshots of and share online and in doing so, promote your business. This in turn allows you to benefit from the personal touch of a face to face meeting whilst also spreading your message to thousands of people online. Gone are the days where companies want to keep conference content hidden in fear of it being plagiarised. Now companies want it to be shared as it helps to boost brand awareness. In the past it was deemed rude if you were sat on your phone at a conference as it meant you were not concentrating; now it is almost encouraged as it often means that you are sharing their content. Companies want you to share their content as it helps to promote their business.”

W12 Conferences is an events venue offering meeting rooms for hire in West London. It has a variety of meeting rooms that are bright and modern with up to date audio visual equipment. 

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