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November 10, 2015 – United States – Gaming has come a long way from simple recreational activities designed to relieve boredom. Games have evolved from entertaining escapes from reality to a multi billion dollar electronic entertainment industry. Gaming has become a whole new field that combines creativity and technology, where players can connect with others in fictional worlds as vast as real life countries, where games become vessels for story tellers and creators to share their ideas with the world, and where anyone can be or create anything. For many, gaming has become a way of life.

Despite these advancements in gaming, gaming journalism has failed to keep pace. Most major gaming news websites and magazines seem to be more concerned about profit, favoring some games while attacking others depending on who pays them more, pushing agendas, and discussing gaming community drama instead of actual news. Gamers everywhere feel betrayed as fewer people are interested in actually discussing games but are more concerned with doing anything possible to get views.

USSurfs, LLC. is proud to announce the launch of Gaming Dojo, a new gaming news and review website that doesn’t just copy and paste stories for views. Gaming Dojo’s ultimate goals include: providing in-depth content you can’t find anywhere else, giving all games a fair chance at being analyzed and critiqued, and keeping petty politics out of our content. Gaming Dojo doesn’t tell you how to think, while content creators are encouraged to express their personal opinions, we have a strict policy that keeps ensures unbiased neutrality and strives to generate interesting and enjoyable discussion about what players feel makes or breaks a game.

Gaming Dojo will feature reviews that will do more than just tell you if a game is awesome, it believes that game reviews need to be just as in-depth as serious film critiques, helping players to understand how the game works and what it’s all about. plans to cover more than just video games, they will also discuss board games, card games, animation, toys, collectibles, and more. Their content creators base everything they create on a combination of expert knowledge with the average gamer’s viewpoint, giving gamers a broader insight than most other sites provide.

Gaming Dojo unites passionate experts who love gaming history and design and can’t wait to share their passion with you and are excited to bring about a new brand that provides gamers with thoughtful and informed opinions and news.

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