Cyberworks Robotics Unveils Breakthrough Low Cost Vision System for Robotic Industry

TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA – 11 Nov, 2015 – Great Rock Development Corp. (OTC: GROC) wholly owned subsidiary Cyberworks Robotics announced today that it has been working with a  new low cost machine vision system which will replace its legacy ultrasonic based robotic navigation sensing systems. 

A Breakthrough in vision and guidance

The new enhanced 3D Guidance System is based on RGBD sensing technology that combines the low cost of ultrasonics with the high precision of machine vision. 

Existing ultrasonic sensing suffers from various problems such as  loss of signal due to reflection and poor angular resolution. In human terms it’s similar to being legally blind, whereas our enhanced 3D Guidance system is like having 20/20 vision.  This profound difference enables machines and robots using our Enhanced 3D Guidance Systems  to now navigate with a level of precision in crowded environments that is currently impossible for competitors using ultrasonics or 2D lasers.  

Once the Cyberworks Guidance System is customized to a particular model of equipment, like a manual floor scrubber or power wheelchair, it will allow for wide-spread retro-fitting to create fully autonomous robots.  

Commenting on the technology Mr. Burhanpurkar, President of Cyberworks “for years we have had the brains for our Guidance System and now we have the Vision to complete the product offering.”

Driven by Vision – About Great Rock / Cyberworks 

Great Rock Development is a publicly traded developer of Robotics and autonomous navigation guidance systems.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary Cyberworks Robotics, it is the world’s oldest Autonomous Mobile Robotics Company. Its Mission is to leverage its technology to allow for the ubiquitous deployment of autonomous robotics in society. Our technology provides low-cost, high resolution machine vision based navigation technology for third party OEM products. 


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