“Perfect Day” for Quirky Folk Pop Singer Aoede; Nominated for 2015 Hollywood Music in Media Awards’ Best Pop Song

HOLLYWOOD – 11 Nov, 2015 – Aoede, pronounced A-E-Dee, – the character created and portrayed by San Francisco’s quirky folk pop and theatrical performer Lisa Sniderman – is nominated for the upcoming Hollywood Music in Media Awards with her pop song “Perfect Day.” 

The event is set for Wednesday evening (Nov. 11) at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Sniderman, who has been collecting awards in children’s music and audio books for her creative character’s talented and fanciful offerings the past few years, named Aoede for one of the first muses in Greek mythology.

“I’ve always been fascinated by magic and mythology,” Sniderman said.

Sniderman’s Aoede character exists in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven, a world that rivals that of Harry Potter, Into the Woods, and other imaginings of eclectic and eccentric authors’ minds.

Aoede is at the center of Sniderman’s first musical audio book “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” and her 2012 “Skeletons of the Muse” album, as well as the audio book, “What Are Dreams Made Of?” and, most recently, “Do You Believe in Magic,” a rock opera for tweens, submitted for a GRAMMY nomination. The musical currently has sponsorships and is in the works to be performed by Bay area children’s theaters in 2016.

As for “Perfect Day,” it’s more mystical, magical, ear candy from Sniderman’s “Skeletons of the Muse” album and is available on YouTube and iTunes.

The simple, lilting lyrics speak of a make believe “Perfect Day” which involves shedding her skin, skipping around the sun and racing a star to the moon.

“I’d feel so alive, I’d feel so alive, Can you see? Can you see me?” she sings, in this imaginary  “one perfect day with you.”

Sniderman grew up in the Midwest and Southwest and moved to the San Francisco area in 1999. She has been creating Aoede’s world since about 2010. She began shortly after an illness that had her hospitalized. In 2008, she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis, a debilitating autoimmune disease that attacks the muscles and skin. Sniderman has since involved herself in several fundraising activities to help eradicate the disease and aid others who suffer with dermatomyostis.

Her story is featured in the Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico 2015 book of inspirational stories: “How Music Can Change Your Life.”

“Since the beginning of time, music has always been used as a way to heal,” Sniderman said, of the craft that has allowed her to combat her illness and enjoy her livelihood.

The name Aoede means song, she said.

“Music can be used as a way to heal oneself emotionally, mentally, as well as physically,” she said, adding, “I’m so proud of how my music has been received by others.  It has given me the opportunity to reach out and share with them the gift of hope through the gift of music.”

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