Get Facebook, Twitter Or Linkedin Social Media Accounts Buzzing About Any Business Through Free Social Media Platform At Rssnotebook is a newly launched social media platform that will allows all its users including businesses and individuals to post to the top social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) through RSSNotebook social media platform. The website allows its members to not only post to their social media platforms but also manage and monitor the social stream in real time through the website’s member’s dashboard, making the process more streamlined and convenient.

“Our FREE social media marketing platform allows you to get your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn social accounts buzzing about your business, website or social cause. Use our powerful CONTENT RESEARCH TOOL to find new content to post to some of the top social media sites. Once you have found the content for your social media sites, you can easily post all of those awesome articles or images to your social accounts using our SCHEDULER. After you have posted all of your new content, you can watch the explosive growth of social media traffic and monitor interaction with your new followers in STREAMS or check your total post views in STATISTICS to find out what types of posts bring you the most traffic,” explained the website spokesperson.

One of the most prominent features of the new social media platform is it provide its user a chance to hunt down relevant content that is also trending online. Most online social media and business marketing experts know that relevance of the content posted to attract customers makes all the difference, therefore to make it easier for the RSSNotebook members to search and find new content to post that are trending at the time of the search. Members can then use the post date scheduler to post their chosen content at a predetermined time and date. This feature enables member to post the content at a time that they find benefits their social media marketing goals.

Furthermore, the “view statistics” feature is also available to the members that allows them to view statistics on the social interaction with the posted content on their social accounts. The statistical data collected can be used to plan future post and gauge the correct timing based on the data to share the content to keep the platforms buzzing with activity and grow their social media traffic. All the services are available for free for members, developers encourage business owners to take benefit from the Social Media Business Marketing Plan offered.

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