kills the pain of the traditional trading of electronic components

As the world’s largest distribution center of electronic components, HQB is known as the heaven of counterfeit components, where a lot of dishonest businessmen are based and many customers were tricked to purchase here. Some call it as the Mecca of business startup, where any original electronic component can be found in a fast manner, all components with varieties are sold at cheap price, and the great majority of original electronic components can be bought at the price compared to a fraction of the foreign price. It is a magical market with quite a lot of original components.

In the sector of electronic components, when it comes to e-commerce, every of us will think of B2B platform. Actually such B2B platform is a very simple mode, which can be described as a platform to exchange the information of supply and demand. The platform just acts as an intermediary rather than a transaction party. Today, B2B platform seems to be lost in a dilemma. A series of restrictive measures against platform business, such as advantageous inventory and ISCP certification, are on the verge of exhaustion, but they can hardly restrict the business behaviors: counterfeits, frauds still frequently take place. In this sector, common buyers cannot guard against such behavior. For every component, the purchaser needs to check the qualifications of supplier, authenticate the component, show concerns about the after-sales service and so on, which leads to the substantial increase of purchase cost and adds to the workload of practitioner. The present situation and deficiencies will give rise to another market. In December of 2014, South Microelectronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd launched the one-stop online purchase store of electronic components, the B2C platform “”, tailored for the foreign purchasers, and we promise to provide 100% original pieces. As a professional supplier of electronic components, we will supply the high-quality, low-price components for the global suppliers of electronic components. Moreover, we help our customers reduce the purchase risk and improve the purchase efficiency.

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