Tips about How to Ride Airwheel M3 Girl Electric Skateboard

Though some users think to ride Airwheel M3 is a piece of cake, some details can’t be ignored during riding M3. The followings are about how to ride it safely and some notes you should be aware of.

There is security risk for any travel tools, including wireless remote control skateboards. So you should know well about its safety precautions. Please pay attention to safety because of its strong driving force. About the remote control, you should grasp remote control tightly to ensure signal’s connection.

Please keep balance during riding. Don’t slam the brake on under the condition of high speed to avoid yourself to fly out or to bring harm to others or you. Please practice the scooter at a low gear in the first few times even though you’re a professional skateboarding player. Moreover, it should bear in mind that leave enough time and distance to avoid obstacles and others for it makes a low sound or no sound when you are using the scooter.

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Before you are about to use the skateboard, please wear sport shoes as well as protective accessories such as helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, eyewear, etc. for fear that you get injured. Please practice it at a low speed in the clearing with few people around when it’s the initial use. You need lots of practice to grasp the skill before you ride the scooter safely. If you are not skilled, or fail to follow the user guide of this product, it may cause rider or the third part physical injury or property loss. Anyway that’s what we both don’t wish.

M3 motorized skateboard

General speaking about using the motorized skateboard, first turn on the power of scooter, and then open the switch of remote control. Stand on it relaxing with a correct standing posture. Next slowly slide the sliding button of the remote control to start the scooter. The center of gravity slowly tilts forward with sliding up the sliding button slowly to realize acceleration; the center of gravity tilts towards right through that body gives pressure to the right side, if you want to turn right; the center of gravity tilts towards left through that body gives pressure to the left side, if you want to turn left.

Hope you can enjoy your riding with the tips.

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