Airwheel Q1 Twin-wheeled Self-balancing Electric Scooter, a Popular Toy among Celebrities and Common People

My new toy, an electric scooter from Airwheel arouses plenty of friends’ attention. This essay is going to explain some information that most fans care about.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new toy, Airwheel Q1 twin-wheel scooter on Amazon. It weighs about 25pounds, and after an hour of practice, I had it going top speed about 16km/h. (It feels faster than it sounds.) I’ve fallen off it million times, often after it does this weird seizure-crash thing that I can’t figure out how to stop or predict. It’s kind of like a Segway, but with no handlebars. It’s not a skateboard since it’s not a sideways riding. It’s like a scooter, isn’t? I don’t know what to call it, but scooter seems good enough.

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Whatever it is, I love it. And it’s all Justin BIeber’s fault. It just looked so fun in his Instagrams. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen the electric scooter before. It’s sort of a phenomenon. Here is a very partial list of celebrities who have tweeted, Instagrammed, or YouTubed themselves riding one in the last couple of months: The Biebs himself, Chris Brown (who is awesome at it), Nick Jonas, David Ortiz, Kendall Jenner, JR Smith, etc. It’s been on the Tonight Show, and showed up at the NBA Finals. Every time anyone uploads a video or picture of this scooter, the commenters all want to know two things: What’s that called, and where can I buy it?

self-balancing scooters

From that I can see this self-balancing electric scooter is much more popular than I thought before. I feel that I just keep up with those celebrities’ trend. In view of that lots of friends are eager to know what it is. It’s a self-balancing electric scooter, with two pedals and a twin-wheel. Those are its main parts in the outside. For I’m not an expert of this line, I’m not sure about the inside components of it. In the exterior, there is a row of indicator lights for power level. And a power button is installed. Meanwhile the design graphics are concise with simple lines and color blocks.

In a word, it’s simple enough, yet stylish since it can roll only with one wheel. It’s made by Airwheel. That’s all the main information about it.

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