Impeccable Airwheel Z3 an 2 wheels Electric Motor Even for the Virgo

Another new product, Airwheel Z3 has been launched by Airwheel. It’s a big surprise for all fans of scooters since there are lots of amazing features about this Z3. Set your travelling dream on sail with riding this almighty scooter.

As everyone knows, the Virgo is a kind of people who are not easy to be pleased. And they are quite nit-picking about everything, even those which have already got close to be perfect. However, we can bet they are amazed by Airwheel Z3, an electric motor since they can’t find out any flaws. In the professional line, it’s called impeccable Z3 even for the Virgo. Next let’s see the “big shot”.

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Airwheel Z3, two-wheeled electric scooter isrevealed to the public in the ending of September, which is roughly the same as electric scooter usually played by children in terms of the appearance. Without a seat it’s meant for zipping around cramped American cities, and it’s a way to live out the off-road dreams. It’s designed to be a safer option than bicycles and electric scooter. Moreover, it’s rather perfect to have this innovation that the battery is located on the handlebar which makes it keep far away from the ground, getting higher. Even if riders meet a heavy rain, Z3 will not break down. Apart from that, the holder of the battery lets riders swap exhausted batteries for fresh ones easily. The idea of battery swapping stems from electric cars, but there’s reason to think it could work for scooters. The battery in Z3 weighs less than 5pounds, so riders don’t need complicated and expensive machines to handle the swapping process. Riders can easily pull them out and pop fresh ones in.

Airwheel Z3 electric scooter

On the other hand, Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is foldable, portable and intelligent. The two pedals can be folded, and its joystick is adjustable which can be adjusted from 130cm to 190cm. That’s available for different people with different heights. So riders can carry around it when needing to transfer or store it. On the other side, an exclusive App is applied for connecting the scooter via cellphones. By that riders know the vehicle status such as power level, mileage, and speed etc.

Faced with an impeccable Z3, we believe some of Virgos are going to surrender.

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