“Surfing” on Land with Airwheel M3, a Smart Motorized Skateboard

Freshness and excitement can be what human pursues in essence. This new maple electric skateboard distinguished from the traditional one lets you feel excited about “surfing “on the land.

The eternal truth for human is that to pursue freshness and excitement. We believe you are also one of them. The miracle dingus is that we seem to have met it before, but the spirit of it we mean inside part has been thoroughly recreated. It is electric skateboard with a familiar face to us. Its mission is to let us taste its different stimulation and freshness.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/bqCwP2PuiJE

The board of motorized skateboard is made from superior maple wood which can bear a considerate weight, 100kg. Above the maple board there is a black rubber that is to avoid feet not to be steady. What a humanized design. Every detail is out of concern for riders. Under the board a damper mass is installed, and four 4.5-inch hard-wearing tires with deep teeth pattern are equipped with. It guarantees riders to glide on the road fast even on some uneven pavements. The top speed it can reach is 18km/h, for which the traditional skateboard is too far behind. Thanks to the premium battery providing more output power, M3 can gallop at full speed on the land.

This M3 is also named wireless remote control skateboard because of the existence of remote control connected with skateboard. Its function is a little analogous to a remote controlled toy’s. We only need to press the button, and the signal will be received by the smart skateboard. In view of this, riders can speed up, slow down or stop it through manipulating the remote control. During the whole ridding, rider can experience the variable motion. That definitely makes riders enjoy surfing on the land, and excitement gained from it is no less than surfing on the sea.

wireless remote control skateboard M3

Although M3 is rather strong, its weight is less than 12kg. It’s out of question to carry it with you. Take the M3 for an airing at the countryside around the city. Namely it also makes you feel the coziness from nature when you are riding in the wind. Unexpected road conditions may let you enjoy the excitement by riding M3.

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