Enter into Low-carbon Age with Airwheel A3, personal transporter Self-balancing Scooter

Along with the rapid development of tech, Airwheel A3 is born to help human beings to realize low-carbon lifestyle. In the meantime, it’s good to environment protection.

As the living standard of people is tremendously improved, a growing number of people pay attention to the environmental protection. In the meantime, concept of low-carbon lifestyle has been deeply rooted in all aspects of life. From my personal opinion, the low-carbon lifestyle should start with green commuting and green travel. Airwheel A3 two-wheel self-balancing scooter, a green product is a perfect travel tool.

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What’s that Airwheel A3? Is it a bike with two wheels, or an electric car? Oh, no, it’s a two-wheeled electric scooter with driving force from lithium battery which is environment-friendly from its production to use. Moreover, it’s rechargeable and recyclable. At any cases, this battery will not give out any harmful and poisonous heavy metal elements or substances. It can be called pollution-free angel to environment. What’s more, it’s equipped with 6-fold defense, comprehensive protection, namely over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, overcharging protection, overcurrent protection, and battery equalization. It’s really amazing in this meticulous design.

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As the earth is our homeland, everyone is obligate to protect it in order to make it cleaner and more beautiful. The electric scooter can be a perfect choice as a travel tool since it can reach up to 16km/h. That speed is enough to satisfy commuters and travelers. It comes with a cozy seat made from genuine leather. The sleek saddle in V-shape is designed under the ergonomic principle out of concern to offer more comfortable ride than the traditional vehicles. A strong column-type spring damper is installed under the seat which reduces the bumping when it rolls on the rutty roads. Between the right and left handlebars, there is a 4-inch LED display screen which make all information is plain to see. Therefore, it’s not bad compared with private cars good at causing pollution. 

The mission of our generation is to protect our environment through doing petty things around us, such as choosing to get around with green transport like Airwheel A3. We all can come true the low-carbon lifestyle.

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