What to Look for in Restaurant Inventory and Ordering Tools Provider

As a practical and smart business owner, you should switch from traditional inventory tracking system to a more advanced and efficient one.
As market competition gets stiffer, businesses are all the more challenged to adopt strategies and practices that will make every aspect of the daily operation more efficient.

One major reason for this is to monitor what are the expenses and how much is spent on inputs. Another is to monitor how many orders are taken in every day. To address tasks like these, businesses consider more affordable yet effective measures and tools to simplify the overall business operation. When it comes to inventory and ordering, there are online tools and software that can be adopted so that business owners won’t have to get stressed about the demanding tasks.

What are Inventory and Ordering Tools?

Basically, these are tools or software designed to manage product inventory and orders without having to miss backorders and avoiding overstock of products. In addition, these are used to help business owners adopt an efficient method of accounting expenses, sales and revenues. As a result, there is a clear report on how much money was spent on business operation needs and how much profit was generated. Almost any type of business such as restaurants can avail these tools.

Today, there are now numerous providers of a reliable Restaurant Inventory Software. However, before you decide in dealing with a particular service provider, it would be better to consider some tips first.

Below are the important tips that can help you end up with the best provider of restaurant inventory and ordering tool:

Reliable Inventory System

As a practical and smart business owner, you should switch from traditional inventory tracking system to a more advanced and efficient one. Thus, it is critical that you look into the reliability of the provider’s inventory system. It is important that you determine whether or not the system has elements critical to the reliability of the system. It should include good policies, good starting count, units of measure, unmistakable, short and unique item numbers, easy to read location labels, well organized location names, inventory activity tracking software, and people who follow policies. 

To end up with the right system, it is crucial that you also know what the needs of your business are. What aspects of the inventory and ordering need more attention and upgrade or what are the measures or practices that can be replaced with an outsourced inventory and ordering service. There are many credible providers such as the Orca Inventory that have already delivered unmatched services.

Features and Functionalities

This is one major consideration when comparing inventory and ordering management service providers. The best and highly credible provider has a management system that include budgeting tools, inventory control and tracking, invoicing and receiving, one click ordering, recipe costing, financial tracking and statements, free mobile app, and unlimited customer support.

The budgeting tools are important in tracking sales. There are providers that have budgeting tools with the ability to forecast real time weather, factor historic and future event, track year over year sales, and others. 

In terms of inventory, it is wise to choose the one with automatic auditing on counts. The system should also include floating search bar, drag and drop items that can match the shelf, and lastly, mobile app design for inventory counts that needs to be done on the location.

Invoicing and receiving is another aspect of the inventory that needs careful entry and monitoring of data. So, a management system must have vendor accountability receiving forms. It must be able to update real time recipe, report historical price, track credit and return, and others. 

To be exact about figures, recipe costing is another functionality that must be looked for in an inventory management system. There are providers that include this with automatic updating of recipe costs, menu and recipe building, and intelligent creation of menu items. 

When tracking finances, you need to know the exact figure that walks out the door. So, look for this functionality, which should also include variance reporting so that there is hold accuracy and end of month and usage reporting.

Affordable Plans

Less financially capable market players such as small and medium size businesses don’t only look for tried and tested tools and strategies, they also look for the most affordable. For restaurant inventory and ordering management system, there are providers that offer a wide range of plans that are each designed to address specific needs of the clients. 

There are actually plans created for a particular type of restaurant. For example, for food and beverage, the usual fee for a monthly plan is around $150. There are also monthly plans for food only and for beverage only, which cost around $100 and $90 respectively. 

Aside from the monthly fee, you need to take not that there is also set up and licensing fee. There are providers that charge a total of $1,100 for both fees for food and beverage businesses. 

Credible Name and Reliable Service

There are service providers that have been in the business of offering inventory and ordering management. They may be charging higher price rates but with the highest quality. There are also newly established providers that may be offering much lower price rates but we are not sure whether or not they can deliver high quality services. 

When choosing, it would be helpful to consider a list. Then, compare the features and functionalities of their system and tools. Include also the price. These are major factors that you need to consider when weighing and deciding which provider to choose. Another way to choose is to ask business partners and people you trust who have knowledge about the credible and reliable inventory management service providers. So, being an established name in the business doesn’t necessarily mean high quality service. The same is true with high price rates. It all boils down to several factors considered, which perfectly addresses the needs of your business.

With these factors to consider, you will surely end up with the inventory and ordering management service provider that will deliver high quality services at a price that is affordable for you.

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