Trader Who Turned $1,500 Into $1 Million In Three Years Releases Dvd And Gets Strange Reviews.

Tim Grittani the penny stock trader who was covered all over the news from CNN money, fox news,fox business and many other news outlets created a training course that is getting rave reviews. The 26 year old now has a trading portfolio which is now worth over $2.6 million.

Grittani traded small company stocks that usually are priced below $1 to amass his wealth. In the financial industry trading these stocks frowned upon as they are deemed highly risky because of their volatility. These stocks are not traded on the New York Stock Exchange or any other major exchanges. Penny stocks are over the counter stocks that usually do not have a high volume of buying and selling which makes them less liquid than the major stocks you find on the DOW JONES.

Tim Grittani’s strategy involved taking advantage of stocks that have an unusual spike in price. An example would be a Stock that has gone from $1 to $4 in a day. Tim would bet that these stocks that have spiked in price in a short time will come back crushing down to the price they had been usually been sold for this is called going short. Tim Grittani released his training course called Trading Tickers.You can read Tim’s original story on CNN money.

Tim Grittani’s Trading Tickers course focused on strategies he uses. His course has 35 different live examples of trades he made including one where he trades FNMA(Fannie Mae) which he makes a profit of $20,000 this all in under 20 minutes. Trading Tickers is currently the number one product on investimonials out of all trading material such as books, software, newsletters, DVDs and many more. The course currently has 89 reviews with 86 of those being 5 stars, 2 four star ratings and one three star rating.

The training course which is called a DVD however you do not get a physical DVD is priced at $1,797. They is a promotional discount currently available for Trading tickers you can read this post to find out how you can the %45 discount saving you $800 from the retail price. The discount will end very soon as these sales by law have to have a time limit. You

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