The newly launched Start N’ Grill BBQ can light up within 2 minutes

Lighting up a grill or BBQ has always been a hassle and a time consuming task but not anymore with the newly launched ‘Start N Grill’ which is the first of its kind automatic ignition charcoal BBQ.  Start N Grill lights up directly and in less than a minute without any need of any external/internal flames or fire lighters.

The idea was born in the mind of Frederic Perinovic, the CEO of GDPA LLC, when he was into his youth, enjoying BBQ with his friends. It took 2 hours for them to light up that Grill and that’s when he decided to develop a simpler way to simplify the lighting up of charcoal BBQ. 

The Start N Grill BBQ starts with a simple press of a button within a minute saving the struggle of getting the fire started in to the BBQ. It is claimed to be one of the fastest way of lighting a BBQ, even when the charcoal is humid.

The product is also eco friendly and the only chemical free BBQ available in the market since it does not require any ignition fluid, cubes or direct flame to be used to light up the grill. Moreover, the temperature of the barbeque can also be controlled by rotating the start button.

The prototype of the product is ready and is all set to go into production phase. The team is expecting the people to vote the best design out of the multiple prototypes they have developed, and the highest voted will be finalized for production.

To fund the manufacturing and production of the product, the team of Start N Grill has also started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $50,000, which will end on 4th December 2015.

A variety of perks are also offered to the backers such as custom T-shirts, BBQ sets including a chance to own the Start N Grill at an early bird price. By pledging $150 or more, the first 50 backers can own the Start N Grill at half of the actual retail price.

View the campaign on Kickstarter

Media Contact
Company Name: GDPA llc
Contact Person: Frederic Perinovic
Phone: 786 325 0639
Country: United States