Active Safety, Helping to Keep America Safe with Innovative Photo-luminescent Signage Systems

Helping Commercial and Residential Building Owners Keep Their Customers & Employees Safe Since 1989

November 12, 2015 – Active Safety is one of the largest photo-luminescent signage companies in the country. Since 1989, the company has helped thousands of businesses throughout the world maintain high level safety standards that comply with up-to-date building safety codes through their photo-luminescent exit signs and Egress path markings. Whether a company is experiencing a fire or other natural disaster, Active Safety signs and path markings will help their customers and employees quickly locate the nearest exit and escape to safety. The products have been installed in a wide variety of locations, including schools, hospitals, factories, prisons, and hotels.

Active Safety’s innovative exit signs are non-electrical, low maintenance, non-radioactive, and are guaranteed to last for up to 25 years with a viewing distance of up to 75 feet. They are NFPA, IBC and UFC code compliant, as well as compliant with ARRA ‘American Made’ and LEED codes. The signs are available in a variety of styles at affordable prices to fit any budget. In addition to over-the-door exit sign designs, the company also offers exit sign door kick plates to further ensure customer safety during any crisis.

Additionally, along with the wide range of exit door signs, Active Safety also offers high-quality, low maintenance, non-electrical floor, wall, and hand rail markers. These markers are designed to suit any budget. Like the Active Safety exit signs, the markers can last up to 25 years or more, are non-radioactive, are UL 1994 listed, and are compliant with IBC and IFC codes. The company offers markers in many styles including stair tread markers, stair and wall markers, obstacle markers, Egress path markers, door handle markers, and floor identification markers.

The exit signs and markers provided by the company can be easily installed virtually anywhere that Radioactive Tritium and LED signs can be used. Installation instructions and a detailed installation guideline checklist for all products are available on Active Safety’s website.

All of the safety products offered by Active Safety have been approved by the California OSHPD and the California DSA, as well as have been determined as ‘code legal’ by the state of Texas Exit Sign Guidelines. Active Safety has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Flex Your Power award.

About Active Safety

Founded in 1989, Active Safety is one of the leading safety sign and marker producers in the United States, providing innovative, high-quality photo-luminescent signage and marker systems to commercial and residential business owners, engineers, and architects. Since its inception, the company has strongly believed in its motto: ‘It’s All About Saving Lives’ and has continuously provided the highest quality safety products at the best, affordable price.

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