Leasing A New Life Creator Launches Contest to Benefit Advertisers

The creator of Leasing a New Life, a website dedicated to helping promote businesses, has launched a contest to allow visitors to win valuable prizes and to place a strong focus on advertisers.

Leasing a New Life is different from many other advertising websites.  Created by a young man who contracted HIV from his birth mother, the site was initially created as a way for him to raise funds to meet his medical and social living needs.  Now, the Leasing a New Life website has launched a contest that will allow users to guess which websites screen shots were taken from as they compete for prizes.

As seen at http://leasinganewlife.com/, the contest material consists of randomized screen shots of different areas of advertiser’s web sites.  These screen shots are run through a participatory contest format in the blog section of the website.  This contest allows users to enter guesses as to which advertiser’s website is being shown.  Participants must look through the websites in order to identify the screenshots, sending them automatically to the advertiser’s pages and creating free traffic for these companies.  Once there has been a winner, the randomized selection of screen shots changes, allowing as many users to win as possible.  By changing the screen shots frequently, more contest participants will have a chance to win and participating levels will increase.

There will also be an extension to this contest with exclusive images that are only unlocked to those who share the site with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.  The creators will also create personal social media campaigns each month to drive traffic to his own site and increase participation in the contests.  By blogging and posting updates, more interest will be generated for the contest and, ultimately, for the advertisers.

For more information about the website, the contest and how to become a featured advertiser, visit the website.

About Leasing a New Life: 

Leasing a New Life is a website created by a young man who was diagnosed with HIV at birth. Now, he has launched this website as a way of promoting advertisers as well as giving him the means to seek education and other benefits.

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Company Name: Leasing a New Life
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Country: United States
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