Best Black Friday Laptop Deals Online 2015: Black Friday Sales Review

With technical products gaining more demand during Black Friday period, laptop deals are one of the most sought out products. While many online stores have come up with Black Friday laptop deals for 2015, there are certain things to be kept in mind regarding choosing a good laptop. has come out with hand picked selection list of best Black Friday laptop deals online for 2015.

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Screen Size: Even though tablets and smartphones are gaining good hold, yet laptops remain a center of Black Friday sales attraction owing to its unique significance. The light and sleek design laptops usually come with 11 to 12 inch screen. However some users may prefer big screen laptops to enjoy playing games in big screen. When it comes to balance between usability and portability, then 13 to 14 inch screens are most suitable. 15 inch or greater than it sized laptops are preferred if the
users stay online for most of the time and also are game savvy.

Memory: When it comes to computer memory, then getting one with at least 4 GB has increasingly being adopted more by users. For doing multi tasking and to ensure that computer does not hangs while running games, 6 or 8 GB laptop systems are preferred.

Resolution: Next important feature is picture quality which depends on number of pixels. As the number of pixels increase, the look becomes more and more sharp. Most of budget laptops come with 1366 x 768-pixel resolutions. For a more clearer look, get a laptop with 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080. Greater sharpness provides better viewing experience. The higher pixel laptops usually come around $150 costlier than average display laptops. Even though laptops with much greater resolution are available now but most movies and games have not reached that high resolution framework.

Processor Speed: The next important thing is laptop’s processor which is like the brain of laptop. Laptop processor power along with system memory determines the complexity of software a user can run, the number of programs that can be run and the speed which they run. Intel and AMD processors are quite common. For hardcore gamers, graphic designers and for high-demand multimedia operations, Core i7 is the best processor. Core i5 processors are midway between Core i3 and Core i7 and thereby provide a fine balance of cost and power.

However, despite coming up of laptops of various configurations, there are some laptop deals which are best balance between cost and effectiveness. The Black Friday sales review each year shows the growing percentage of laptops sold during this time period. The Black Friday online deals for laptops provide a good opportunity to scan through best laptop deals and select the most appropriate one.

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