Ida Giroday Releases Powerful Fine Art Photographic Personal Series Soft Dance

Ida Giroday, fine art photographer, recently released a powerful series relating the sensitive transition from childhood to teenager.

Fine art photographer Ida Giroday released Wednesday her personal series “Soft Dance” evoking the uneasy passage from child to teenager.

The transition out of childhood can sometimes be frightening or right out traumatizing. Ida Giroday chose to portray this passage with a soft and intimate approach. The powerful photographs catch both the joy of the new and the melancholia of parting with the familiar.

“Leaving childhood is often a very confusing time, as you are sitting on a fence between two worlds. I wanted to give a gentle vision of what can be perceived as scary and take off some of the anxiety that surrounds this moment,” she stated.

The nostalgia of childhood and the passing of time, a recurrent subject in Ida’s work, is also dear to Japanese contemporary photographer Kiiro currently exhibiting at Fotofever in Paris.

Ida Giroday shares a vision that is really her own and, as usual, prefers the “less traveled road” to what she calls “formatted blinkers’ photography”.

As celebrity photographer, Help-Portrait and See University founder Jeremy Cowart puts it “People often ask what inspires me, and the answer is everything.”

She is said to be bold, poetic and a magician of light and subtle colors.

“Photography allows me to catch a glimpse of eternity. Visual beauty brushes the human soul and in an instant, time and space disappear, placing me in a place of sheer stillness. My aim is to share these moments of bliss and touch my fellow humans,” she expressed.

While photography is the foundation for her creative work, it is used as a tool and not as an end. Ida Giroday’s background in fine arts clearly permeates her creativity and adds another dimension to her work, enhancing the expressed emotions. 

Ida Giroday is a Swedish fine art photographer and a Digigraphie artist currently residing in Brittany, France.

She is listed with Artprice, the global leader in art market information. She caters to art collectors, interior designers and companies and her work is showcased around the globe.

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